Hormetic Therapy

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Hormetic Therapy

Healpath prides itself on its holistic approach to health and wellness. Hormetic therapy offers another medication-free avenue, in line with our ethos, to support your healing journey.

Infrared Sauna and Cold plunge

Hormetic therapy harnesses a certain type of bodily stress to trigger a beneficial effect on our cells and health. It utilises controlled exposure to good bodily stressors to activate an adaptive response that ultimately makes us stronger, healthier and happier. Our infrared sauna and cold plunge are designed to induce beneficial hormesis in a controlled and safe manner. Utilising our hormetic therapy room consistently and regularly can activate a range of physiological and psychological benefits. 

benefits of Hormetic Therapy ​

  • pain relief and muscle recovery
  • stress reduction and relaxation, including better sleep
  • enhanced focus and concentration 
  • improved mood and mental clarity
  • skin health 
  • improved circulation

session duration

In a 30 minute session you can utilise both our infrared sauna and cold plunge to help stimulate the body’s natural healing response.

Hormetic Therapy

Infrared sauna 

Infrared is a safe wavelength of energy which we feel as heat. Infrared saunas utilise a combination of near to far infrared which penetrate our bodies and create a response increasing circulation, releasing oxygen in our injured areas and activating our sweat glands.  Controlled heat exposure to infrared therapy has been shown to increase mitochondrial efficiency reduce burdens of toxins on the body, assist in muscle recovery and promote collagen production in the skin. 

Hormetic Therapy

Cold plunge 

The cold plunge is used in a range of 5 to 10 degrees in varying intervals to trigger its many benefits.

Cold water therapy has been seen to assist with inflammation and muscle pain, support health immunity, reduce stress, anxiety and depression and improve brain health and sleep. 

Hormetic therapy or contrast therapy is the combination of heat and cold stress, and it produces enhanced results. We recommend a session of minimum 30 minutes (20-25 minutes of IR sauna, followed by 1-3 minutes of cold immersion), or a 1 hour session, (40-45 minutes of IR sauna followed by 1-6 minutes of cold plunge). These have been shown to generate the highest benefits.

Hormetic Therapy

Room Guidance, Rules and Etiquette 

We recommend beginners use the sauna for up to 30 mins and no more than 45 mins at a time. To elicit the physical, mental, and physiological benefits of sauna, the temperature should be range from 45 to 55 degrees. More experienced users may choose to increase the temperature but are encouraged to emphasise time over temperature. For best practice users are encouraged to keep well hydrated before, during and after their session.

We encourage users to try the cold plunge for up to 3 minutes at 7-12 degrees. If you intend to do a cold plunge after your sauna, it is recommended that you shower in between to regulate your body more efficiently. Longer exposure to cold therapy should be done under experience and guidance. 

Please bring: 

  • bathers or something you can comfortably wear for usage of the sauna or cold plunge 
  • slippers or thongs to wear into the sauna and/or shower 
  • hydration (preferably water, try to avoid anything that dehydrates the body eg. caffein) 
  • your own towel that should be placed for you to sit on in the sauna and post shower

Our Hormetic therapy technology is regularly cleaned and sanitised for usage however we do encourage you to practise good hygiene as this is a shared space. 

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