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We promise you an alternative path: no medications, highly specialised methods, personalised care. Best in class.

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Enhance your healing process with our range of supportive therapies:

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We’ll bridge the gap between the life you see for yourself and the life you’re currently living with a clear path and workable strategy.

Why Choose HealPath

We know you do not have to live with pain
We have proven results in non-pharmacological pain management methods.
We want to be a partner in getting back your mobility, activity and independence you deserve.
We understand your needs and your wellbeing goals
We care about you – we will find your Healpath

Our Approach

Discover a new way to manage pain with Healpath’s revolutionary approach. We offer specialised, medication-free treatments designed to bring you lasting relief.


Understand you and your pain

We start with an initial assessment session to understand your pain and your wellbeing.


Set goals & aspirations

We follow with setting the initial goals and objectives, defining what success looks like for you and how we can help you get there.


Review your options and educate

We review our options and educate you on the potential treatments and pathways on which we can work together.


Design Treatment Plan

We design your unique HEALPATH, our treatment plan based on your needs, your pace. We choose the types of sessions and tools we will use and get going.


Execute the plan, follow up

We work through the treatment, carefully assessing results each step of the way. We follow up, we partner to progress.


Achieve your results

We celebrate your achievements: recovering or enhancing your mobility, gaining better health, living without the pain. We are confident you will see amazing changes.

Our core values

At Heal Path, our core values are more than just words; they’re the foundation of how we approach every aspect of our work. From our no-medication philosophy to our commitment to specialized, personalised care.

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At HEALPATH, we place the patient at the core of our mission. We understand each patient's distinct pain relief requirements and tailor treatments to achieve their optimal well-being, driven by deep compassion and empathy.

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Naturally Holistic

We encompass physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing, delivering comprehensive, state of the art solutions. Prioritising natural healing and reducing reliance on pharmaceuticals is our commitment.

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Empowerment and Community Engagement

We strive to teach and empower our patients and our community to improve their health through education, promoting self-management and lifestyle improvements.