infrared sauna

infrared sauna

Become stronger and happier by making Hormetic therapy (infrared sauna and cold plunges) a part of your routine health rituals

Healpath prides itself on its holistic approach to health and wellness. We offer infrared sauna and ice baths as an additional medication-free avenue for your healing journey.  Solo or in combination, they provide an amazing Hormetic* therapy option for your wellbeing

Infrared sauna 

Make infrared sauna part of your healing path. Infrared is a safe wavelength of energy which we feel as heat. Infrared saunas utilise a spectrum of near to far infrared waves that penetrate our bodies and create a response increasing circulation, releasing oxygen in our injured areas, and activating our sweat glands, therefore becoming a powerful tool to enhance our health and wellbeing.

When exposed to controlled heat, our bodies are able to increase their metabolic rates, reduce inflammation and others toxic burdens, while aiding muscle recovery and promoting collagen production in the skin.

Common queries answered

  • Infrared waves are very safe. They are part of nature and life, and our bodies generate and receive far infrared very commonly as a way to transfer heat.
  • The settings recommended for appropriate results are within the range of 45-60 degrees, with 50-55 degrees an adequate average to obtain the desired benefits.
  • Infrared saunas can help you obtain the following results: deep relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief, improved circulation, metabolic boost, better sleep, enhanced mood and mental clarity.
  • The effects of the therapy are often noticed in one or two sessions, but a routine frequency will provide more consistent and durable results.
  • The combined therapy of infrared sauna with cold plunges or ice baths is highly recommended for faster and more efficient results (hormetic or contrast therapy). The sequence is IF sauna followed by a cold plunge.
  • Contraindications for infrared sauna include cardiovascular conditions, pregnancy, hypersensitivity or allergies to high body temperatures.

*Hormetic therapy refers to the benefits of generating adaptive responses to bodily stresses that trigger beneficial effects. Heat and cold are an example of a way to induce beneficial hormesis in our bodies.

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