Nutrition provides context for the food we eat everyday

It’s no secret that we need food to survive; but what we choose to eat has a profound impact on how well we live. Addressing nutrition is crucial for reducing inflammation, alleviating pain, optimising energy levels and preventing chronic diseases.

Our Nutritionist at HEALPATH is driven to support all people through tailored and realistic interventions that aim to increase your nutrition status through simple, sustainable and affordable steps, while minimising the “noise” around nutrition.

Our sessions focus on identifying your unique requirements and goals, and above all, develop strong and meaningful relationships with food that feed optimal health.

Common queries answered

  • Tailored education and plans to increase nutrition status and optimise digestion.
  • Improvement in energy and addressing inflammation and pain.
  • Simple and affordable interventions, tailored to your lifestyle and goals.
  • Support in becoming self-aware of your food behaviour and reasons for food choices.
  • Improving relationship with food; resources and mindfulness techniques.

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