Conditions We Treat

conditions we treat

Different types of pain can signal different conditions, determining your management needs.

We will consider your acute or chronic pain to develop your personalised treatment plan.

chronic pain

Chronic pain is ongoing, lasting more than three months. It may be constant or can come and go and occur in any area of your body. Chronic pain interferes with everyday life and may make it difficult to do some of your regular activities.

acute pain

Acute pain is typically sudden and sharp and lasts less than four weeks. Subacute pain lasts between four and 12 weeks. It should go away when there is no underlying cause for the pain (with a muscle strain, for example.) With proper treatment, acute pain can be relieved, and you can return to normal activities.

Our Advanced Treatment Techniques

Discover state-of-the-art methods that go beyond conventional treatments:

We Offer the Best Care

At HealPath we have a success rate that exceeds 90% for the treatment of most soft-tissue and musculoskeletal injuries

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At HEALPATH, we place the patient at the core of our mission. We understand each patient's distinct pain relief requirements and tailor treatments to achieve their optimal well-being, driven by deep compassion and empathy.

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naturally holistic

We encompass physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing, delivering comprehensive, state of the art solutions. Prioritising natural healing and reducing reliance on pharmaceuticals is our commitment.

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empowerment and community engagement

We strive to teach and empower our patients and our community to improve their health through education, promoting self-management and lifestyle improvements.

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